First, the tl;dr: We are delaying the hardware for Project Halfmoon, but not the software.

You may have heard there's a bit of a supply chain situation. It's hard to get chips. You place an order months ahead of time, for a higher price than usual. Then you wait and wait. Then the supplier tells you that you won't be getting those chips after all. Maybe in a little while, who knows.

This is just one example; I won't bore you with the details. The point is that we've been working hard to be able to keep making Moonlanders, and to avoid raising the price.

So far, we've been making it work. And when we announced Project Halfmoon, it seemed like the supply chain situation was going to get better and we wouldn't have such a constraint on chips.

It hasn't. Chips are still hard to get.

While it would have been fun to start shipping Project Halfmoon units, it also feels a little irresponsible: It would have endangered our limited supply of processors for the Moonlander (it's the same processor, naturally).

So rather than splash out on something new, I decided I'd rather delay the Project Halfmoon hardware launch while we sort out the supply chain situation. We haven't taken any pre-orders, and I'll be reaching out personally to the people we've accepted as Founding Members to discuss what they'd like to do with their $10 membership payment.

While the hardware is delayed, software is going forward quite well. The icons feature is already live, and Layer Templates are coming. These features make Oryx better for users of all of our keyboards, not just the Halfmoon.

I will update the blog as things evolve. Thank you for reading!