A comfortable keyboard is a thing of joy. It helps your thoughts flow. At its best, it acts as an extension of your body.

Figuring out the perfect keyboard layout for an application like Photoshop, Blender, VS Code, or Ableton Live takes time. You try things out, use the app and the layer, and make some changes. Rinse and repeat, over and over. Then, one day you realize it's been months since you last edited your Photoshop layer. You've been using it daily, and it's perfect for your needs.

This goes for games, too: Maybe you have a layer that helped you to take your MMORPG or FPS performance to new heights.

Here's my question: Will you share your carefully-crafted layer with other Oryx users?

We're working on a new feature called Layer Templates. It will let people pull app-specific layers into their layouts. Those "featured layers" will come from you, our users. Your layer could end up helping thousands of users. Every layer comes with a credit for whoever created it, as well as an informational blurb and an optional link.

If you have an app-specific or a game-specific layer you'd like to contribute, simply fill out this quick form to apply.

Thank you!