I am happy to share that the first of several features supporting Project Halfmoon is now available: Icons!

icons in Oryx

When you label a key, Oryx now offers a selection of emoji as well as icons from many creative applications. We've recreated hundreds of icons by hand for this feature, and I think it'll make for some pretty visually interesting layouts.

The icons carry through in Live Training as well. Like all Halfmoon features, this is supported across all of our existing keyboards — you don't need a Halfmoon unit to enjoy a more visual layout.

One change is that the icon now takes over the key legend entirely — we wanted to give it lots of room:

takes over the whole key

It's still possible to create a label that mixes an emoji with text, using your operating system's built-in emoji picker:

an icon with a mixed label

You could always use our keyboards as powerful control surfaces for creative apps — this new feature makes it even easier. 🎉