If you look at our People site, you will see that a specific group of professionals discovered what ZSA keyboards can do for their work and health: Mainly developers and engineers.

This makes sense: We don't really advertise much, and so the main way ZSA grows is thanks to people saying nice things about our keyboards. Developers have been talking to developers and helping us grow.

That said, I think there's a separate group of pros that can do with some ergonomic love: Creatives. People who spend their days (and sometimes, nights) in front of a computer, but don't really type all that much.

They use their keyboards as control surfaces for software like Photoshop, Figma, Maya, Blender, Logic Pro, and Premiere Pro. In other words, lots of keyboard shortcuts, all day long.

That got us thinking: These people don't need a full Moonlander. When they do need to write something, they're fine with the keyboard they've already got. What would really help them is a powerful macro pad they could place beside their mouse, with dedicated key mappings for their favorite creative apps.

That way, convoluted shortcuts become just single taps. With layers, you don't even need to remember different shortcuts for different apps: If two different tools use different shortcuts for something like increasing contrast, you could set it up so that for you, it's the same physical key on two different layers.

The unique opportunity here is developing this tool together, in the open. Since it's just half a Moonlander, the hardware side is a known quantity. This frees us to include the community much more than we're usually able to, and come up with the best default layout and Oryx features for creatives, together. There's also an exclusive keycap involved, as well as several ways in which existing ZSA users can help without having to buy a unit. The specifics are all on the page and in the FAQ section near the end.

That's Project Halfmoon in a nutshell. I would love for you to check it out, and share it with any creative friends who you think might benefit.

One more thing: ZSA Cards, a collaborative art project

To celebrate Project Halfmoon, we are creating a gorgeous deck of playing cards. This is an ensemble art showcase, and you can learn more about it here. If you happen to know of a designer who might like to design some gorgeous cards (as a fully paid project), please invite them to take a look. Thank you!