December 13, 2021

ErgoDox EZ To Ship with Type C Connector from Q1 2022

by Erez Zukerman

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We are bringing the Type C connector to the ErgoDox EZ, doing away with the old Mini-USB.

Units with the new connector will begin shipping sometime around the first quarter of 2022, depending on when we run out of the Mini-USB units. This is what’s known in the biz as a “running change”.

To help finish off the last remaining Mini-USB units, we’re doing something we basically never do: Offering a small discount code.

From now until we run out of Mini-USB ErgoDox EZs, if you use the coupon code old port when you buy an ErgoDox EZ, you will get a $20 discount on checkout (and you’ll be getting a Mini-USB version, of course).

Once we’re all out of Mini-USB units, we’ll start shipping the Type C ones, and the coupon code will no longer be available.

Now, let’s do a bit of Q&A!

Is the new version better?

If you like USB Type C ports, sure — it’s got one.

Right, but what else is new and improved?

Nothing. The CPU is the same, the housing is the same, the keycaps are the same — I could go on. This is the ErgoDox EZ you know and love.

Come to think of it, the cables are new — you’ll get the same cables that ship with the Moonlander (TRRS and Type C, with a USB Type A dongle).

Ooh, new cables! Are they coiled? Do they glow in the dark?

No, and no.

Did you make any brave design decisions?

No. The two halves are still joined by the same TRRS “headphone jack” we’ve always used.

Will existing firmware work on the new units?

Yes. The CPU is the same, and all firmware and features remain unchanged. If you have a Mini-USB ErgoDox EZ, the firmware that runs on it will run exactly the same on the new Type C revision.

I just bought an ErgoDox EZ! Can I get the discount?

I’m afraid not. It’ll likely take about a month to run out of Mini-USB units, so we’re sharing news of this well in advance of the actual change. Lots of people buy the ErgoDox EZ (thank you!) but we can’t knock $20 off the price for everyone who previously bought the unit — we are a small, bootstrapped business. If you ordered a unit after December 13, 2021 but before we ran out of Mini-USB units and simply didn’t know about the coupon code, you are eligible for the discount.

I am thinking of buying an ErgoDox EZ but would like one that comes with a Type C port. Can I have it now?

Since this is a running change, we do need to run out of Mini-USB units first. If it is important to you that your ErgoDox EZ features a Type C port, my advice would be to wait a few weeks until we run out of Mini-USB units. Please note that when that happens, the discount code will stop working as well.

I have more questions.

Sure! You can always email us with questions —

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely holiday season! :)

Erez Zukerman

Erez Zukerman

Erez Zukerman is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZSA Technology labs.