First steps matter. For many people, the first step with a ZSA keyboard is Live Training. To start Live Training, you pair the keyboard with Oryx.

We just made that simpler.

Before, you needed to hit a dedicated "Oryx key" on your layout to pair your keyboard. This worked okay and had the fun side-effect of a little light show while the indicator LEDs blinked back and forth, but the key took up space on the layout, and it wasn't always easy for new users to find.

Now, pairing requires you to hit a sequence of three random keys, like this:

This works for Firmware 21 and up — if it's been a while since you last compiled your layout, simply recompile to give this a try. Linux users will also need to update their install with our new instructions. Once you pair successfully, Oryx saves that to your browser's local storage so you won't have to do it again on the same browser.

The sequence of keys changes every time. They're shown clearly, and are easy to find.

And best of all, now that we no longer need the Oryx key, we have one more spot available in the default layout.

Here's to new beginnings!