When you buy one of our keyboards, I'd like you to be able to use it for years and years. You might already know we are very serious about our two-year warranty, and some of our boards even come with an optional four-year warranty.

In addition, the parts that are most prone to break on a mechanical keyboard are the keyswitches, which is why you've been able to swap out your own keyswitches on all of our keyboards since 2018. We wanted to make the most common repair very easy.

We wanted to do more, though. Even with a serious warranty and with replaceable keyswitches, we felt there was room for improvement. So, from today, you're able to purchase spare parts for all of our keyboards directly from us.

How it works

To purchase repair parts for your keyboard, simply email us describing the problem and what you're trying to do. We'll personally help you find the right assembly or individual parts, and then send you an invoice.

This is a silly point to make, but we will limit ourselves to servicing only products we sold. In other words, we will not be able to offer bits and pieces for various DIY builds — the idea here is to make it easy for people to repair keyboards made by ZSA, rather than make an entry into the DIY keyboard market (which we love, it's just not what we do). For DIY builds, you might want to look into the excellent r/MechanicalKeyboards wiki or ErgoDox.io.

I also want to clearly say that these parts are not cheap: They're not cheap for ZSA to procure due to our scale, and so they are not cheap for our customers either — even though this isn't some sort of "profit center" for us (we make very little profit on the parts). Here are some examples of parts and their prices (in USD):


  • Main body shell, $80
  • Thumb cluster top shell, $5
  • Thumb cluster bottom cover, $5
  • Thumb cluster screw, $1
  • Main body PCB, $80
  • Thumb cluster PCB, $30
  • Thumb cluster ribbon cable, $2
  • Wrist rest, $19.50
  • Carrying case, $27

ErgoDox EZ

  • Body shell, $45
  • Board PCB, $70
  • ErgoDox EZ Shine LED strip, $45
  • Threaded metal inserts for Tilt/Tent Kit, $25


  • PCB, left side: $120
  • PCB, right side: $100
  • Magnetic legs: $40 for a set of four
  • Metal backplate: $24
  • Carrying case: $50

Note that these prices do not include shipping, which is typically $25 for part orders.

If you need a part and you don't see it on this list, please still feel free to reach out. These aren't the only parts we sell, and we'll try to help however can. Keep in mind though that we generally are not able to sell board-level components. So, we can sell you a populated PCB, but we can't sell you 5 individual LEDs.

Mod with confidence

A side effect of this is that you can now modify your keyboard with confidence. If you break the housing (for example), that's not a problem: You can buy a new housing. This is a win for ergonomics, because sometimes, to get the ergonomics that are absolutely perfect for you, you need to experiment and modify things until they work for you.

Your keyboard, for years to come

We've done quite a bit of work behind the scenes to make this happen — it's a tremendous amount of little bits and pieces. I'm so happy we did, though. :)