We recently introduced a Live Training mode called Whack-a-Key. This mode can help you develop muscle memory for hitting individual keys, not as part of a word, like when you hit a key for a macro on its own. We originally came up with it to complement Project Halfmoon, but it works with any of our boards.

And if you happen to be using Whack-a-Key with the Moonlander, Halfmoon, or Planck EZ, it now has a new trick up its sleeve: When you get a key wrong, the right key lights up on your board!

This is a bit like those pianos that teach you how to play by lighting up the right keys. We don't want you looking at the board all the time, but this visual indication can help when you're learning individual keystrokes.

Future possibilities

This ability is only active when you have a Live Training session in progress, after you explicitly allow the browser to connect to the keyboard. To make this work, we had to improve the webHID protocol used for this connection.

This can be useful for other things in the future, such as trying out LED animations or even toggling layers. Keep an eye out for future updates!