"Thrilling!", "Exciting!", "A clickable fiesta!" — those things, and more, were never said about MX Red switches. Not the "vanilla" kind, nor the stealthier Silent Red kind.

These are not exciting switches. At least, not in the way most people think about switches. They don't make a racket; they are not tactile. They are gentle, linear switches. Quiet and easy to work with. Easy to use all day long, in fact. They both take about 45 grams of force to actuate, which is on the low end of the spectrum.

With the MX Red and MX Silent Red, we did a little experiment: We just added them to the store, and didn't tell anyone. Just to see what happens. Turns out these switches do not disappoint: People actively seek them out when buying a Moonlander or a Planck EZ, and they've been quietly popular ever since they became available (quite apt for Reds, when you think about it).

When recording our Tisha Talks Switches episode on MX Reds, I mentioned this was a possibility, and now it is finally time to share with the world: We are proud to offer RGB-friendly versions of MX Red and MX Silent Red with the Moonlander, ErgoDox EZ Glow, and the Planck EZ Glow! These are also available as standalone switches from the accessory store.

If you'd like to hear Tisha and me wax poetic on how fun Red switches are, check out Tisha Talks Switches: Red.