Changes and Features Since August 2019

Our unrelenting focus with Oryx is on a better, smoother, more pleasant user experience. You won't find groundbreaking new features below (Oryx does a lot, as it is). Instead, here is how we further polished the experience this month.


Wally is now easier to install

We've published a PPA that makes it trivial to install Wally on Ubuntu, as well as a brew cask that makes it easy to install Wally on macOS using the commandline.

International support

We keep polishing and adding Oryx's international capabilities. This month we made it easy to use Japanese keys and IME mappings, and added a couple of new characters for Nordic users (Þ and Ð, which we're quite proud of ourselves for ;) ).

Additionally, we've added Space Cadet Shift support to all locales. This means that if your input method is French, for example, you can still make it so that tapping the left Shift key will send an open parenthesis, and the right Shift key will send a closing one (while still working as a Shift key when used in conjunction with other keys).

Planck EZ Improvements

For the Planck EZ, we now show the Planck EZ Glow layout by default. This makes it easy to see how you can control your RGB LEDs when you unbox your shiny new Planck EZ.

We've also enabled a setting that allows you to globally persistently turn off audio. This means that your Planck EZ will no longer play its startup tune when you plug it in (much to the relief of your neighbors at the office, we're sure).

Better source code downloads

For those of us who like to use Oryx as a jumping off point and then compile locally, we've added a couple of enhancements: First, we've put together a new readme that helps you get off the ground when you first download the source for your layout. Next, we've improved the formatting of the source code itself, so that when you open the keymap.c file for your layout, things look nicer and are easier to work with.

Fit and Finish

You can now rename and delete layouts! This works as long as you're signed in to Oryx and the layouts are yours (i.e, you created or cloned them while signed in).

Another welcome change is that we now show the units on the various setting sliders, making it clear that most settings are in milliseconds for example.


Finally, we've squashed a number of pesky bugs:

  • When creating a new layout, it should show up under My Layouts without having to refresh the page.
  • When creating a new user, we now default the username to the email address part before the @ symbol.
  • When trying to flash the Planck EZ on a Mac using Wally, a user got Error while opening firmware: open -psn_0_348245: no such file or directory. This is fixed.
  • Hyper key no longer disappears when compiling Planck EZ layout.
  • We no longer allow dual-function keys with the tap function undefined: They are automatically converted into single-function keys.
  • Planck layouts with macro keys defined would not compile; this is fixed.