Enough has been written about climate change. It's real, it's affecting us all, and it will affect our children. It's time to do something, and here's our plan for the month:

A day of reflection

As part of the Global Climate Strike movement, for 24 hours starting on September 20th, we're shutting down our store to spread awareness. Take note of the Climate Strike: It's special because it isn't commercial. These are real people sounding the alarm. There are other ways you can participate in the strike, too.

A month of action

From September 21st to October 21st, 10% of every ErgoDox EZ sold goes directly to the Rainforest Action Network and their Protect an Acre project. That's 10% of the gross revenue, not profit. So if you buy a keyboard for $325, $32.50 of that goes directly to effective climate action.

10% of our gross ErgoDox EZ revenue is a significant number for us. In the hardware business, margins are notoriously slim. And yet, I feel that we must do this right now. This is a time for action, even if it's uncomfortable.

We've done a lot of research seeking out a worthy organization to support. The Rainforest Action Network is remarkably transparent and effective, empowering native communities where it matters most. Their work is inspiring — please consider supporting them in other ways as well.

This isn't the whole story

For us, this is a beginning. It's just one month; it is not enough. But it's where we are right now, as we look to the future and aim to be mindful and proactive about how things are changing in our world.

I hope you choose to take action this month, by supporting the Rainforest Action Network and making others aware that there are concrete actions each of us can take to make things better. We are "just us" — but together we're making a real difference.

All the best,
Erez Zukerman,
CEO / Co-Founder
ZSA Technology Labs