Our manufacturing crew

tl;dr: Our manufacturing crew is getting some well-deserved paid time off for Chinese New Year, so we won’t be shipping any new keyboards between Feb 1 — Feb 11. If you want an ErgoDox EZ you should get it soon, before Jan 25.

Imagine having to go to work over Christmas. It’s Christmas morning, and your whole family is home. Everybody’s unwrapping presents, but you have to make it to the office for another day’s work.

Some jobs are simply critical. If you are a doctor, a nurse, or a site reliability engineer on call — that’s a given. Your job just involves that sort of availability, because you may be literally saving people’s lives.

The ErgoDox EZ is amazing, but it falls firmly outside the realm of hospitals and saving lives.

Christmas has come and gone, but in Taiwan another big holiday is approaching: Chinese New Year! And so, everyone making the ErgoDox EZ gets paid time off for the holiday.

That means we will not be making nor shipping any new keyboards between the dates of Feb 1 — Feb 11. If you want your keyboard shipped by Feb 1, please order by January 25.

Yes, this will put a big dent in our sales. Many companies have no problem having people come in and continue working at all days and times. So we are leaving money on the table here, doing the less profitable thing. But we feel that the wonderful people making the ErgoDox EZ deserve this paid time off and deserve to spend this special time of year with their loved ones.

On February 11, keyboard shipments will continue. It will take us a bit of time to catch up and bring our lead time back down to just one week, but we’ll be working as hard as we can, while keeping sane and fair working conditions. So if you’re reading this before January 25 and you want your board within a week, your best bet is to order now.

Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful year of the pig!