This month, rather than one big announcement, I have three small quality-of-life updates to share:

New Help & Resources page

We just revamped our main "help" page ( The biggest addition is an all-new search feature which lets you search the site and the blog:


You can also filter search results by keyboard. The same search feature is also available in the FAQ page for each keyboard (for example, the Voyager below):

FAQ search

QMK Next (aka QMK 23)

For the past several weeks, we've been gradually rolling out a new version of the QMK firmware in Oryx. There are no major groundbreaking features here — this is mainly about keeping Oryx in step with the mainline QMK firmware. It does bring some improvements to tap-hold timings (for some users) as well as many behind-the-scenes fixes and tweaks.

We've been rolling this out to a subset of users (currently at 10%) and monitoring for issues, and the new firmware seems to be working well. If you'd like to try it out for yourself, go to Advanced Settings -> Misc and toggle QMK Next on.

QMK Next

If you do this and encounter compilation or usage issues, please do drop us a line with a link to your layout and a breakdown of what you saw.

Keymapp on the Apple App Store

You can now search for ZSA Keymapp on the App Store (for macOS, not iOS). It's there, and it works, and it'll automatically update just like you'd expect:

Keymapp on the app store

The App Store submission process was interesting and significantly faster than we thought it would be. Apple wanted me to make them a video showing how I use the app and all the hardware, that was fun. :)

And that's it for this one! As always, thank you for reading, and here's to a good 2024.