Let me start this post by sharing a close look at our team in Taiwan. This is a video we just published showing how our boards are made, and the dear people who make them:

The Lunar New Year is a pretty big deal in Taiwan. So all of the hard-working people you see above will be taking a 10-day paid leave from January 20th to January 30th to celebrate with their families and enjoy some much needed rest.

During this time, we won't be manufacturing or shipping any keyboards, so your order might take a little longer than usual to arrive. We hope you understand and don't mind the delay. After all, the Tibbo crew kicks butt all year round, and they deserve a chance to relax and celebrate with their loved ones.

In case you're curious (I know I was), the Rabbit represents longevity, discretion, and good luck. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are often seen as kind-hearted, friendly, intelligent, cautious, skillful, gentle, and quick. Rabbits are said to be compatible with people born under the years of the Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig.

If you're celebrating, I hope you have a great Lunar New Year. And I want to take this opportunity to give a huge shoutout to Tibbo for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. We appreciate you!

Take care, and happy Lunar New Year!