Here's the tl;dr: As of July 1st, all Planck EZ prices will increase by $50. ErgoDox EZ prices remain unchanged.

To understand why, read on.

In the hardware space, companies typically have a choice to make between scale and quality. I don't mean the physical quality of the product: Of course great hardware can be made at scale.

What's harder to scale is the stuff around the device. To risk some jargon, the "experience". The level of technical support you get. The software tooling around the product. Being able to engage with the people who make and sell the product on a deep level — a level that makes the product itself work better for your use case. Maybe this is by getting thoughtful advice from a real human being, not a bot or FAQ. Maybe it's by making feature suggestions that the right people see, consider, and even implement.

I love the Planck EZ. We've been offering this cool little keyboard for some time now, and the people who buy it seem to really enjoy it. One thing I've noticed over the past few months is that it's hard for us to provide the same level of customer service and personalized support around the Planck EZ as we do around the ErgoDox EZ.

If you've been following ZSA for a little while or maybe even interacted with us over email, you probably know how we feel about customer service and how we operate over email. It's crucial to me that we maintain this level of support and engagement in the future. It's why this company exists — we're here to help people, not sell keyboards. The keyboards are a part of that, but when I sell you a keyboard, I am making a commitment to support you throughout your use of the product, for years. To really listen and engage. I don't want you to buy the keyboard: What I want is for you to use it, every day.

That requires some seriously great, personal, sustainable support, for the long haul.

Yes, this means we may sell fewer Planck EZ keyboards. I know. But it also means that those who do choose to get a Planck EZ will be able to rely on the standard of support people have come to associate with ZSA. To me, that's totally worth it.