Black Friday is too good to be true. Which is why we're not going to be changing our prices or offering any crazy doorbusters. But why? Do we not love you guys, our current and prospective customers?

Actually, we do. That's exactly why. Allow me to explain.

Basic Economics

In a classic Black Friday scenario, a business offers an enormous discount on a limited number of items. Doorbusters, so to speak. But real doorbusters are “few and far between”, as this helpful post from Nerdwallet tells us.

And that makes sense, because businesses need to survive. In order to offer you a killer deal on something, that business (usually a big box store) needs to mark that same item up during the year. Or they need to mark other items up.

Make no mistake: Those businesses are not losing money, because that’s not how a business stays around. To survive, they must make money.

And that money comes from you, by paying somewhat-inflated prices all year long just to fund this one bonanza weekend.


It boils down to honesty. Sales are great, when they’re real. But Black Friday is a specialized case of “too good to be true”.

Our keyboards are expensive. They cost a lot to buy, because they cost a lot to make: Fairly-paid employees make them in small batches, customized to your exact order, at an office building in Taiwan. That sort of thing costs money.

Given our cost base, we offer the absolute lowest prices we can, all year long. And that means that when Black Friday rolls around, all we have to offer is the same thing we offer every day of the year: Excellent keyboards and caring, no-BS service. We don’t charge extra all year long just for one weekend.

I hope that makes sense, and thank you for reading!

All the best,